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Digital Proximity System (DPS)


Metrix®* offers an array of probes, cables and drivers that feature ProxMatch™* to ensure you have the correct probe-to-cable-to-instrument connection.  They are also interchangeable with Bently Nevada®** and other competitive probe systems.



Series System Length Color Code
10000 & 7200 5 & 9 M YELLOW
3300 XL 5 & 9 M BLUE
3300 NSV 5 & 9 M PURPLE
3000 15 & 20 FT WHITE


What's New with Proximity?  TightView™ Proximity System is now available and is the latest addition to the field-proven Digital Proximity System (DPS) family of  products.  TightView was designed for installations with limited clearances around or on the side of the probe tip.  It minimizes interferences commonly found in side obstructions or reduced counter bore areas, giving you accurate, repeatable measurements. Read the application note.


MX8030 Proximity Probes and MX8031 Extension Cables are agency certified for hazardous areas (ATEX/CE, CSA, IECEx).  Both come standard with VibeLock™ Connectors and Triaxial Cables.  They can be used in refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas transmission, natural gas processing, power generation plants or any oil & gas application. Contact Us for more information.


*Registered trademark of Metrix Instrument Co.
**Registered trademark of Bently Nevada.




Seismic vibration instrumentation is used to measure structural vibration on bearing housings, piping, machinery housings, and machine support structures.  It is particularly suitable for machinery with rolling-element bearings. These types of bearings will generally transmit both shaft-and bearing-related vibration to the outside of the machine where it can be detected by seismic measurements.



Electronic and mechanical vibration switches for overall vibration monitoring and trending without the necessity of complex systems. Models available with Hazardous Area Ratings and explosion-proof housing. Our state-of-the-art electronic switches are programmable to suit user needs.



The Hardy Shaker ensures that the Seismic Sensors and Transmitters that you have installed are working properly and giving you the results you need.  Just like the pressure and flow instruments in your facility need calibration checks every year, so do your Seismic Sensors and Transmitters.  This system puts the calibration check of those Seismic Sensors and Transmitters within your control, and within your budget.

The most cost effective maintenance strategy is a predictive and proactive strategy, versus a preventative maintenance or run-to-failure strategy.  The entire premise of a predictive and proactive maintenance program is based on the reliability and integrity of the transducers providing the information in a timely way.  If the Seismic transducers are not working properly, you will not receive the value you are expecting in order to produce the return on investment that you have already made.  The Hardy Shaker is a necessary tool to ensure your proactive maintenance strategy is effective.

The Hardy Shaker comes in four models:  The HI-903 is our top of the line and offers onboard memory, multiple tests, automated Excel reports and new ruggedized case.  The HI-803 offers onboard memory, multiple tests, the ability to print results and the ability to download the saved data to an Excel file using the serial to USB interface cable.  The HI-913 provides the ability to conduct vibration sensor testing, the ability to change frequency without having to adjust amplitude, and a new ruggedized case.  The HI-813 provides the ability to conduct vibration sensor testing.  All Hardy Shakers are able to validate the entire vibration loop, from the transducer to the measurement system. All Hardy Shakers are traceable to NIST.



Economical solutions in Meters and Shakers ideal for obtaining radial vibration casing measurements. Some rated intrinsically safe for hazardous areas.


DATAWATCH IX Monitor/Recorder


Whether you need a local display, alarm and shutdown capability, data recording, and the ability to communicate using Modbus over Ethernet TCP/IP; or you need to trend waveform and transient data to provide a predictive look at your machine’s condition, Metrix has a solution to meet your machinery monitoring requirements.


These products are no longer in production.