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Whether you need a local display, alarm and shutdown capability, data recording, and the ability to communicate using Modbus over Ethernet TCP/IP; or you need to trend waveform and transient data to provide a predictive look at your machine’s condition, Metrix has a solution to meet your machinery monitoring requirements.

DATAWATCH IX Monitor/Recorder

DATAWATCH IX Monitor/Recorder

This compact device that can be held in the palm of your hand and has a vivid display.  It comes standard with four (4) isolated channels, and has the option to handle eight (8) non-isolated channels.  If you need more channels, you can put units next to each other.  It is made to handle any 4 to 20 mA input, and is perfect for the Metrix ST6911 Acceleration and ST6917 Velocity Transmitters.

SETPOINT Machinery Protection System



The SETPOINT system features up to 56 channels of vibration monitoring or 84 channels of temperature and process variable monitoring. It comes standard in three rack sizes.  4-, 8-, and 16-slot rack sizes provide maximum flexibility with options for panel and bulkhead mounting.


SETPOINT has the industry-first open protocol for both static (overall) and dynamic (waveform) data, including transient data. Its engineered out-of-the-box connectivity to OSIsoft* PI System* for condition monitoring software (CMS) is unmatched in its useability and simplicity.



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AM3030 Single Channel Alarm Monitor