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Machinery Diagnostics Services

We offer expert advice based on sound engineering principles, our knowledge of modern rotordynamics and years of practical experience. Our capabilities include:

  •     Machinery Malfunction Diagnostics
  •     Rotordynamic Modeling and Design Consultation
  •     Field Balancing
  •     Remote Diagnostics
  •     Alignment Services
  •     Torsional Vibration Analysis
  •     Piping and Structural Vibration Analysis
  •     Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
  •     Bearing Design Evaluation and Diagnostics
  •     Shop Acceptance Testing
  •     Field Commissioning Services
  •     Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Determination
  •     Post Failure Analysis
  •     On-site Data Collection and Evaluation
  •     Thermodynamic Performance Analysis

We provide unbiased third party expertise for all machinery regardless of manufacturer. Contact us to discuss your needs at +1.713.702.8805