9334-211-XXXX-YYYY Standard Cable Assembly w/ Stainless Steel Armor

Model: 9334-211-XXXX-YYYY
Standard cable assembly with stainless steel armor; uses 2-Pin Mil-style MS3106 female threaded connector. Cable armor covers 0.25” diameter polyurethane jacketed cable with twisted, shielded pair wires. Connector pre-installed on one end, flying leads on other end. Rated to 121°C (250°F) max.

XXX.X = armor length in meters;
Min: 0005 (0.5 m)  Max: 0595 (59.5 m)

YYY.Y = cable length in meters;
Min: 0010 (1.0 m)    Max: 0600 (60.0 m)
Cable length must be at least 0.5m longer than armor length.  

All lengths (XXXX and YYYY) available in 0.5m increments only.

Use with: