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How does the Metrix DPS remove Crosstalk?

In close proximity probe applications, the Metrix DPS can be calibrated with a different driving frequency that allows the probes to be within 12.5 mm (0.5 inches) of each other, and not interfere with each other probe’s signal.  This is perfect for the Air Machine market, due to the small 25 mm (1 inch) shafts typical of these machines.  Competitor probes have to be at least 37mm (1.5 inches) apart to measure properly.  Please let the Metrix factory know when you have a close XY probe pair (close is less than 25 mm (1 inch)).




NEW TightView™ Proximity System

Metrix now produces a proximity probe system that can fit in very tight spaces and provide an excellent linear measurement compared to competitive products for similar applications.

Normal proximity probes usually need at least their probe tip diameter as clearance around the probe tip to ensure an accurate measurement.  The above counter bore dimensions, 0.75” (19mm), are typical for a proximity probe to ensure there is no side interference at the probe tip.




Click here to download TightView™ Proximity System Application Note




With the Metrix TightView System, counter bores as small as 0.375” (9mm) can be used and still meet the API 670 linear range and accuracy requirement.  Also, with obstructions that are as tight as 0.05” (1.3mm) from one side of the probe, the API 670 linear range and accuracy can also be achieved.


Using Metrix MX8030 5mm or 8mm Probes
Counter Bore
"d" to 0.375 inches (9mm)







 Using Metrix MX8030 5mm or 8mm Probes
 Obstructed Side View
 “d” to 0.05 inches (1.3mm)