HI-803 Hardy Shaker- Will be discontinued December 31, 2018

Model: HI-803 will be discontinued December 31, 2018

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This Hardy shaker includes more operational functions than the HI-813. In manual mode, the vibration test level and test frequency can be set from 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz. In sensitivity mode, the HI 803 not only vibrates the transducer being tested, but also measures its output and calculates its output sensitivity. A built-in display reads the output sensitivity, which can be stored in memory. Complete testing sequences and data can be stored in memory for each tested sensor, and a built-in printer logs data on the spot or stores it for later. An RS232/USB adapter port and data transfer program are standard, and ASCI II test data files are easily transferred to a computer. For testing of heavy transducers or at high frequencies, the HI 803 automatically corrects the sensitivity calculation for the effects of transducer mass loading. It also measures and displays transducer phase, which is important in balancing applications. A built-in self test program checks for accuracy of all calculations.

Product Approx. Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs)