Portable Vibration Equipment

Portable vibration equipment allows you to quickly check the overall vibration of a machine whenever you want to, or to check the condition of a sensor or transmitter with one of our shakers. Overall vibration or technically direct amplitude is a measure of the severity of the vibration. Many people and many standards organizations attribute increasing vibration levels to machine degradation or other machines problems like unbalance or misalignment. At Metrix we teach that changing vibration levels from a normal condition is what should be concerning. Vibration levels going up or down significantly from normal should cause concern, not just increasing vibration levels. Having confidence in your portable data collection equipment and any permanently installed vibration monitoring equipment is paramount to an effective condition monitoring program. The portable vibration meters below, as well as the shakers, are integral to an effective predictive and or proactive maintenance program.

Portable Vibration Meters

These portable vibration meters provide some insight to how your machine is operating. It’s fantastic that you can take a device and get an immediate vibration reading. You’ll find these systems very easy to use and will complement your periodic vibration data collection, as well as any permanently monitored vibration sensors or transmitters you have on the machine.

6850-001 Impact Meter

Impact Meter to quickly check impact transmitters on-site.


These precision shakers are meant to test accelerometers, velocity sensors, and proximity probes, as well as associated vibration transmitters to ensure the accuracy of their measurement. These shakers can trace their accuracy back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These instruments are the core of an effective condition monitoring program. Without accurate sensors and transmitters, your effectiveness of your condition monitoring program can be called into question.


The accessories listed below make the vibration meters easier to use. The 5539 BNC Patch Panel 4 allows one to land raw signals, making it easier for people to connect their portable vibration meters and analyzers.