6850-001 Impact Meter

Model: 6850-001

This impact meter is designed for quick check out or adjustment of Metrix Impact transmitters, either on an operating machine, or with the transmitter removed. Simply connect the Meter to an Impact transmitter, toggle the Power switch, and select Pulse-Time, 4-20mA, or Peak Detect mode. In Pulse-Time mode, the transmitter’s Threshold level (milli-volts), and Sample Time (seconds) are displayed, and may be adjusted while observing the changes. Switching to 4-20mA mode displays the current output directly, while Peak Detect mode displays the peak vibration level, in milli-volts, detected by the transmitter.

Model: 6850-003

Impact Meter Kit (meter 6850 -001 and carrying case 6850 -002)

Used with IT6812

Product Aprox. Weight: 0.80 kg (1.75 lb)