Portable Vibration Meters

Vibration is the oscillation, or back-and-forth movement, of machines and the components within them. Every machine will have a baseline or vibration level indicating the device is functioning properly and within normal parameters. Once this baseline level is known, the machine can be monitored for any fluctuations in the vibration output. These fluctuations can have important indications about the functionality of the machine.

What are Portable Vibration Meters?
A vibration meter is a tool used to measure, store, analyze, and diagnose the vibration levels produced by machinery or systems. They typically detect overall acceleration, velocity, and displacement characteristics to capture vibration outputs accurately. Vibration meters have working principles like the voltmeter — the tool’s magnetic base or detector is placed against the tested machine, and then the sensor will give a voltage signal in response to the vibration output of the device. This reading will travel through the cable and the vibration meter. Its primary purpose is to identify any potential faults within the machine before it breaks down and causes costly delays in operation.

Metrix Portable Vibration Meters
Our portable vibration meters are incredibly simple and ideal for collecting spot measurements. They feature accurate, piezo-electric sensors that obtain the most precise readings and an LCD screen with acceleration, velocity, and displacement to ensure the vibration meter clearly communicates the information. They also have an accurate RMS velocity response.

A portable vibration meter works similarly to traditional vibration sensors but the output is local to the sensor. Portable sensors can be carried almost anywhere, allowing for vibration checks in poor terrain or narrow spaces. They are also easier to use, as the sensor and screen that relay the results are near each other.

Why Metrix Portable Vibration Meters?
Metrix has over 55 years of experience being the preferred supplier of industrial vibration monitoring systems for a wide range of the world’s leading manufacturers and users of motors, pumps, cooling towers, fans, generators, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, and other rotating and reciprocating machinery. We apply all the knowledge and innovative solutions that we have gained during this time to our products, ensuring the vibration monitoring equipment that we send to our clients is accurate and reliable. Our products can be found in many industries around the world, including the petrochemical, pipeline, oil and gas, and chemical industries. If you have any questions about our portable vibration meters, reach out today.


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