5500 Portable Vibration Meter

Monitor vibration on your machines with this compact and simple to operate vibration meter. This intrinsically safe meter is ideal for obtaining spot measurements of machine vibration. Pressing the ON button activates the unit. A vibration reading is then obtained by simply holding the probe tip against the machine and observing the reading on the LCD indicator. Comparisons to a vibration severity chart indicates acceptance conditions.
This economical vibration meter is available with English or metric units. Pressing and holding the ON button will “freeze” the vibration reading such that the unit can be removed from the test point without losing the reading. Releasing the button returns the unit to normal operation.
Power is supplied by a standard 9V battery. A symbol appears on the LCD indicator when the battery is low. The instrument housing is made of high impact polymer. A carrying case with belt loop and battery are included. Optional accessories include a 10” probe extension for difficult to reach areas and for measuring the vibration of exposed shafts.
Product Aprox. Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)