Proximity Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Proximity Transducers We Offer

A proximity sensor measures the relative distance between the probe tip and the target material. The target material could be a metallic surface of a shaft of a rotating machine or a piston rod of a reciprocating machine. The probe diameter typically determines the distance the probe can measure accurately.

Metrix has revolutionized the industry with our Digital Proximity System (DPS). A user is able to support a multitude of cable lengths, target materials and older probe systems with just a single device. Our Digital Proximity System combines the performance of a fully API 670 compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system with the flexibility of digital configurability. DPS saves our customers time and money.

Why is Metrix Vibration the Premier Supplier of Proximity Vibration Monitoring Equipment?

The Digital Proximity System (DPS) from Metrix represents a paradigm shift in vibration monitoring equipment, whether your industry is in oil & gas, LNG, power generation, water and wastewater treatment and manufacturing or any other industry that uses rotating and reciprocating machinery with moving parts that need to be carefully monitored.

Metrix DPS can be ordered to your exact specifications and can also be configured in the field to meet your needs. For example, if you have a 5-meter DPS, you can change it to a 9-meter DPS. Or change the probe type or the target material. The Metrix DPS is the perfect spare part due to its field configurability. Customers interested in integrating a Metrix DPS into their existing condition monitoring system will be pleased to know our DPS is API 670 compliant and compatible with existing proximity probes, cables, and other components from many manufacturers.

If you have questions about designing or implementing a condition monitoring solution that includes proximity vibration monitoring equipment, the knowledgeable staff at Metrix can help you choose the correct components for your application. Let us guide you to the appropriate product for your business.

Proximity Vibration Monitoring Equipment We Offer:

Digital Proximity System

The Digital Proximity System (DPS) is one of our flagship products. It is suitable for many hazardous or extreme conditions, such as being fully submerged in LNG. It is fully compliant with the API 670 standard and offers full compatibility with probes and cables from other major manufacturers.


The Metrix proximity system can work with any monitor rack that is advertised to accept 200 mV/mil (7.87 mV/µm) or 100 mV/mil (3.93 mV/µm). It is proven to work with multiple different manufacturers that produce monitor rack vibration monitoring systems.

Vibration Transmitters

The MX2034 proximity transmitter provides thrust, radial vibration, or shaft speed measurements directly to PLCs, DCSs, SCADA systems, or other instrumentation that accepts an ISA standard 4-20 mA signal, without the use of a separate monitor system. The 4-wire model also includes the raw signal that can be sent to a monitoring system. The transmitter is powered by +24 Vdc, supplied by the current loop. A short-circuit protected BNC connector provides convenient access to the raw vibration signal when connecting to signal analyzers, portable data collectors and test instrumentation.


Metrix probes are top of the line and reliable for the multiple industries we serve. They are compatible with Bently Nevada® Series 3300XL, 3300, 7200, and 3000, and include the latest technology and agency approvals. We offer a 36-month warranty that our products will live up to our name.


Metrix cables are interchangeable with Bently Nevada® cables Series 3300, 7200, and 3000. Available with or without armor in lengths to match your system requirements.

Proximity Vibration Signal Conditioners

Metrix proximity signal conditioners are used with existing drivers. They power the driver and scale the 4-20 mA output.