A full line of accessories for mounting probes and WP or EP enclosures for drivers, transmitters and signal conditioners.

The Metrix MX8020-001 Cable Trimming and Connector Kit provides an easy way to reduce the length of an extension cable and maintain the electrical integrity of the MX8030/8031 or MX2030/2031 Proximity Probe System.

The Probe Mounting System works with reverse mount 8mm proximity probes.

The Metrix adjustable 5497DTPH-CCC-D (Dual Thrust Probe Holder), comes with two 5497PM Probe Holders within an Explosion Proof Housing.

5498JB Conduit Body provides a convenient junction box for internally mounted proximity probe connections. The four 3/4” NPT conduit penetrations make fitting up conduit easy.

Required accessory for reverse mount probes. Provides physical protection to 1000 PSIG (6.89 MPa).

Available for all standard probe sizes.

Available for all standard probe sizes.

Available for all standard probe sizes.

Low Pressure cable seals prevent oil wicking with proximity probe sensors in rotating equipment. The seals include a grommet that provides a tight seal and also allows adjustment of the cable position.

Extension cables with High Pressure Cable Seal to 150 PSI used for 10000 and MX Probe Series. Available as single or dual feed through.

The static calibrator tool allows users to change their probe target material to match their specific probe system.

The MX2040 dynamically tests the vibration monitoring system loop by the simulation of rotor vibration.

The Metrix Shaft Calibrator is used to determine the actual proximity probe system output in mV/mil or mV/μm of a machine shaft or piston rod.

The 9060-SCTS (Shaft Calibrator Touch Select) is used for testing 5mm, 8mm or 11mm proximity probe systems with a minimum probe body length of 63mm (2.5”) when used as a static calibrator and a minimum probe body length of 100mm (4.0”) when used with the shaft mounting adapter.  It is also very useful for testing reverse mount probes with the probe holder still attached.

NEMA 4 / IP 65 rated enclosures for 2, 4 or 8 units.

Explosion-proof housing helps protect your proximity drivers, transmitters and signal conditioners in harsh environments. NEC & CSA  rated for Class I, (C,D) & Class II (E, F & G), Div.1 areas.

Bulk cable for wiring probe drivers, monitors or signal conditioners.

Imperial and metric jam nuts with pre-drilled holes for safety wire.  For proximity probe installations internal to machines, safety wired fasteners are often required to insure the integrity of the transducer installation.  In addition, these thin jam nuts enable installation within tight spaces whether or not safety wire is required.