5494 Feed Through Extension Cables

5494-XX Extension Cables for 10000 and MX Series Probes.  Seals cable to 150 PSI (1035 kPa).

All Metrix MX2031 extension cables are part of the 10000 series part number designation for agency approvals. The 10000 series P/N will appear on the product’s label along with the MX2031 p/n.  e.g. MX2031-AAA-BB-CC = 10200-AAA-BB-CC.


Model 5494-01 Single Feed Through Extension Cable

Model 5494-02 Dual Feed Through Extension Cable


Model Probe Length Cable Length High Pressure Length





System Length


5494-01 Single Feed Through


5494-02 Dual Feed Through

0.5m 45= 4.5m


20 = 2.0m Typical

01 = 0.1m Increments

05 = 0.5m Minimum

1.0m 40= 4.0m 5m
0.5m 85= 8.5m 9m
1.0m 80= 8.0m 9m