5497DTPH Dual Thrust Probe Holder

The Metrix adjustable 5497DTPH-CCC-D (Dual Thrust Probe Holder), comes with two 5497PM Probe Holders within a Class I Div 1 housing.  The Probe Holders (5497PM-1-0-CCC-D-0) mount directly to the machine using G3/4” male threads or 3/4NPT threads spaced 2.0” (50mm) on center.  The dual Probe Holders fit within the housing and allow for up to 2.0” (50mm) of axial adjustment.  The mounting holes for the housing have slots that can accommodate a 4.25” to 4.5” (108mm to 114mm) on center, 3/8” (10mm), square bolt pattern (4 bolts, see associated drawing). The selection of the 5497DPH-CCC-D includes selecting the appropriate installation length (standard CCC lengths are 090mm (3.5”), 140mm (5.5”), 190mm (7.5”) and 240mm (9.5”) with 50mm (2.0”) of negative adjustment, if other lengths are needed contact factory) and the appropriate reverse probe mount thread size (standard D sizes are 3/8”x24 and M10x1) for the included two 5497PM-1-0-CCC-D-0 reverse mount probe holders. Ordering is easy, just select the appropriate installation length and thread size options.