Seismic Mounting Adapters

Mounting adapters help ensure that your vibration sensors and transmitters are properly mounted to protect and monitor machines. Our seismic accessories are the key to positioning your vibration monitoring devices, so you can trust the vibration data and information when needed. When it comes to machinery vibration and its associated forces and stiffnesses, the right mounting adapters can make the difference in how well your vibration devices report the necessary data and information.

Why Seismic Vibration Monitoring and Test Equipment Needs Mounting Adapters
Industrial sites rely on vibration sensors and transmitters to relay data and information to vibration monitoring systems and or control systems. Your entire predictive maintenance program is contingent on sensors and transmitters that provide accurate information. Seismic vibration devices need to be mounted properly to convey the vibratory information from the machine to wherever you need it. A properly mounted vibration sensor or transmitter is paramount to the effectiveness of your proactive or predictive maintenance program. A loose or inadequately mounted seismic device can lead to false trips and misdiagnosis. Metrix products are designed to help you ensure that your seismic sensors or transmitters are mounted properly.

The Metrix Range of Products
Metrix makes a variety of mounting adapter equipment for seismic sensors and transmitters, including sleeves, reducers, and pads, to ensure that the vibration monitoring equipment can be easily installed and removed, no matter how complex the configuration or how remote the location is:

9338-101 Spot Facing kit

Used with SA6200A, SV6300A and ST6900 Series

3719-AAA Mounting Stud

Use with: ST6917, ST6911, SA6200A, SA6200, SA6200UW, SA6250, SV6300

8253-002 Stud Adapter

Use with: ST5484E, ST5491E, 162VTS.

8841-044 Stud Adapter Bushing

Use with: ST5484E, ST6917, IT6810, IT6811, SV6300

8841-084 Stud Adapter Sleeve

Use with ST5484E, ST5491E, 162VTS

8841-058 Reducer

Use on 162VTR and 162VT

99506-020 Magnetic Mount Adapter

Use with ST5484E and ST6917

99506-021 Magnetic Mount Adapter

Use with ST5484E and ST6917

9289-AAA Mounting Adapter for 9288

Mounting adapter for 9288 housing

Our mounting adapters are versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of accessories across various applications. Installations and retrofits can be fully streamlined when you have the right equipment. Accessories like magnetic mounts can be used for low-frequency (under 2 KHz) monitoring, whereas for higher frequency applications, permanently mounted studs and pads can be used. A spot face can help you mount a sensor or transmitter even on the most irregularly shaped equipment, giving you a flat space for the seismic device.

Durable Mounting Adapters for Industrial Applications
Metrix’s mounting adapters are built to be strong and stable. Too many forces are at work to take chances with your vibration monitoring system. Unfortunately, it’s common to discover that seismic sensors and transmitters are not performing as they should due to mounting issues. Incorrect measurements can often be traced back to how the equipment was installed.

The professionals at Metrix understand that different sites and applications have unique setups, and appropriate mounting studs and adapters play a critical role in seismic data analysis. The right vibration monitoring sensors and transmitters, mounted properly, will give you confidence in your vibration data and information.