Seismic Equipment Accessories

Seismic accessories include bushings, mounting adapters, junction boxes, conduit fittings, cable assemblies, and other items used when installing sensors, transmitters, and signal conditioners. These accessories provide environmental protection from dust, moisture, and corrosion, robust mechanical protection from the rigors of industrial use, and facilitate professional installation where wiring can be properly terminated, routed, and labeled.

5539 BNC Patch Panel 4

This module can accept up to four separate dynamic signal inputs, and is meant to provide easy access to dynamic data.

Conduit Elbows and Unions

These products are used for the ease of installation of Metrix vibration sensors and transmitters.

Explosion Proof Housing

These provide a means to employe Metrix sensors in a Class 1 Div 1 or Zone 0/1 hazardous area environment.  

Electrical Junction Boxes

These are meant to hold Metrix products that need an enclosure. 

Seismic Miscellaneous Accessories

Items such as an impact meter, screws, O-rings, and cap screws are available.