Top-Quality Seismic Sensors

What Are Seismic Sensors?

Historically, seismic sensors were created initially to help society predict seismic wave activity that could lead to catastrophic earthquakes. Now, we have repurposed those seismic sensors to measure the casing vibration on rotating and reciprocating machines.

How Do Seismic Sensors Work?

We use the word “seismic” because the casing vibration sensor is inertially referenced to the machine its mounted on. “Inertially referenced” means that the mass inside the sensor does not want to move, and when movement occurs (vibration), the sensor provides an output.



Accelerometers can measure either dynamic or static acceleration. Dynamic acceleration is what we measure on a rotating or reciprocating machine that is vibrating. Static acceleration is more predictable and constant. The three different types of accelerometers are piezoelectric, piezoresistive and capacitive.

Velocity Sensors

A velocity sensor is a device used to measure the change in distance over time. As the vibration amplitude increases, the output of the sensor increases. There are two different types of velocity sensors – solid state and moving coil. 

Trust in Metrix For Your Vibration Monitoring Solutions

Metrix Vibration is a seismic sensor supplier with a dedicated focus on protecting industries worldwide, including petrochemical, oil and gas, pipeline, power generation, water, and chemical. We provide the highest quality equipment to protect your machinery and keep workers safe. For 55 years, industries have trusted us to provide them with vibration monitoring solutions that are easy to implement and effective. We offer seismic sensors with a variety of options to enable use in arduous and hazardous environmental conditions.

Our Metrix team is ready to help you. If you are looking to monitor and protect your rotating and reciprocating machinery, check out our high-quality vibration monitoring equipment catalog, visit our online store to place an order, or contact us for any inquiries or additional information.