Seismic Velocity Sensors

What Are Velocity Sensors?

A velocity sensor is a device used to measure the change in distance over time. As the vibration amplitude increases, the output of the sensor increases. Velocity sensors are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, sensitivity levels, and technologies. They are commonly used for measuring the speed of moving objects, such as vehicles or machinery.

How Do Velocity Sensors Work?

There are two different types of velocity sensors – solid state and moving coil. The solid-state velocity sensor actually uses an accelerometer along with an integration circuit and an amplifier that produces an output proportional to the velocity seen by the sensor.

A moving coil velocity sensor is made up of two main components - a moving coil and a permanent magnet in whose magnetic field the coil is moving and generating its own power. Any given vibration input will induce generator action (electromotive force) producing a voltage, which is proportional to the input velocity of the sensor.


5485C High Temp. Velocity Sensor

This is a moving-coil velocity sensor designed for machinery applications with surface temperatures up to 375 C like industrial gas turbines. It self-generates a signal, requiring no external power source, and can provide highly accurate vibration measurements because of its zero-friction coil suspension. Its stainless-steel case makes it long-lasting, so there is no worry about replacing it often. Most standard gas turbines provide mounting compatibility for this sensor.

SV6300 Piezo-Velocity Sensor

This sensor is similar to SA6200A, but with an internal integration circuit that provides an output directly proportional to velocity instead of acceleration. It is appropriate for most general-purpose machinery monitoring applications. This sensor is designed to replace moving coil devices, which have moving parts that cannot always be mounted on any axis. The sensor is protected by an isolated stainless-steel casing. The device is compatible with vibration monitoring systems, electronic switches, and 4-20mA signal conditioners.

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