SIL Certified Vibration Monitoring Equipment

At Metrix, we prioritize safety for our clients, which is why our equipment meets a high protection standard. From vibration sensors to accelerometers, the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certification is a stamp of approval from a third-party Certification Body. It assures our clients that the equipment meets international compliance standards, including IEC 61508 and 61511. All of our vibration monitoring equipment is designed to reduce risk, liability, and revenue loss from wear and tear and other malfunctions.

5580 Smart Vibration Signal Conditioner

This signal conditioner can accept signals from machine casing-mounted velocity sensors, accelerometers, or shaft-observing proximity probe systems. It produces a 4-20 mA output proportional to the measured variable to amplify signals. This Smart Vibration Signal Conditioner features two independent channels and a scale output function that can be selected for various units (e.g., RMS, peak, or peak-to-peak if a proximity sensor is used).

When using a proximity probe system as an input, the 5580 Smart Vibration Signal Conditioner can output peak to peak vibration, thrust position, and or speed. The 5580 can be configured with the free Metrix software for a variety of scale ranges.

The 5580 comes with a BNC to access the raw signal and LEDs for sensor status. The display can be used to read both the engineering units and mA for each channel. It can be applied to various items, including generators, turbines, reciprocating compressors, industrial fans, centrifuges, natural gas/diesel engines, motors, and pumps.

SW5580 Smart Vibration Switch

The SW5580 accepts signals from machine casing mounted velocity sensors, accelerometers or shaft observing proximity probe systems and produce a 4-20 mA output proportional to the measured variable. Using the free Metrix software, the user may configure signal input types for one or two independent channels. For each channel, a green LED indicates sensor and cable integrity. In the event of sensor failure, the LED changes to red and the output current is driven below 3.6 mA, thereby signaling a malfunction. In the SW5580, each channel comes with two optional relays, either solid state or dry contacts, that can be configured for alarm level and time delay. The alarm status is indicated by the LED flashing yellow for Alert and flashing red for Danger. A BNC connector gives access to the raw input signal prior to any filtering for local analysis. A built-in 4-line alpha-numeric LCD display is used to display both dynamic input and 4-20 mA output signals. Isolation is provided between input, outputs and supply. 

SA6200A API 670 Accelerometer

General purpose accelerometer designed for use on a wide variety of machine types.

5485C High Temp. Velocity Sensor

This is a moving-coil velocity sensor designed for machinery applications with surface temperatures up to 375 C like industrial gas turbines. It self-generates a signal, requiring no external power source, and can provide highly accurate vibration measurements because of its zero-friction coil suspension. Its stainless-steel case makes it long-lasting, so there is no worry about replacing it often. Most standard gas turbines provide mounting compatibility for this sensor.

ST5484E Velocity Transmitter

The ST5484E is a loop-powered vibration transmitter and signal conditioner that offers reliable consistent outputs, at the accuracy level your condition monitoring system needs, without requiring additional signal conditioning circuitry. This sensor is often used in hazardous areas and offers a SIL rating.

5550 / 5550G Vibration Switch

This mechanical switch is perfect for protection of low to medium speed machinery and comes at an affordable price.

MX2033 3-Wire Driver

The Metrix proximity system can work with any monitor rack that is advertised to accept 200 mV/mil (7.87 mV/µm) or 100 mV/mil (3.93 mV/µm). It is proven to work with multiple different manufacturers that produce monitor rack vibration monitoring systems. 

MX2034 4-20 mA Proximity Transmitter

The Metrix MX2034 Proximity Transmitter is field configurable for radial vibration, axial position or speed measurements. It combines the performance of a fully API 670-compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system with the flexibility of digital configurability. Users can order exactly what they want, or they can configure their transmitter system in the field using Metrix’ free software. The MX2034 can be field configured for over 40 target materials, a variety of probe tip diameters, different manufacturers, extension cable lengths, and linear ranges. It is the ideal spare part.

The MX2034 is capable of eliminating cross-talk between two adjacently installed proximity probes, the dynamic output signal measured at the BNC can be configured for positive or negative polarity depending upon the application, and transient electrical spikes can be suppressed in the system because the sensor samples at such a high rate (18,000 times per second). There are many other advanced features of the MX2034 that customers can take advantage of to optimize the value of their transmitter system. Metrix has the probes, cables, and accessories to meet your needs.

MX8030 Proximity Probe

Metrix* MX8030 probe series consist of 5mm and 8mm tip diameter probes with VibeLock™* connectors and Triaxial Cables.  VibeLock™* ensures the proximity probe and extension cable connection is made properly and stays connected. No special tools are required.  The Triaxial Cable provides an extra protective barrier for the proximity probe cable system to prevent excessive wear during installation.

MX8031 Proximity Extension Cable

MX8031 Extension Cable System comes standard with VibeLock™* and Triaxial Cables. The VibeLock™* feature ensures a proximity probe and extension cable connection is made properly and stays connected. No special tools are required. The Triaxial Cable provides an extra layer of protection to help prevent excessive wear during installation and in high vibration areas.  The external shield of the Triaxial Cable is not used electrically, but it is used for additional physical cable/signal protection. 

MX2030 Proximity Probe

5 & 8mm tip diameter probes. Available in 5 and 9 meter system lengths.

MX2031 Proximity Extension Cable

Extension cable available in 4, 4.5, 8 and 8.5 meters.