Our electronic switches offer single or dual setpoints, adjustable time delays, external setpoint adjustments and more.


SW5484E Compact Configurable Vibration Switch

The ST5484E-SW is a loop powered seismic velocity transmitter and configurable switch. The compact vibration switch incorporates a piezoelectric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS or peak detector, 4-20 mA signal conditioner and a digital microcontroller into a single package. It is mounted directly on a machine case or bearing housing without intervening signal conditioning equipment.


440 Economical Switch

Epoxy coated, CSA Class I, Div. 2, Groups B-D

450 Switch

450 Economical Switch

Epoxy coated NEMA 4X, CSA Class I, Div. 1, Groups B-D; Class II, Groups, E-G


SW6000 EP Switch w/internal source

Economical Single Setpoint Vibration Switch


SM6100 EP Switch w/external source

 Vibration Monitor with display and explosion-proof housing


5477B Two-Wire Solid State Switch

Accelerometer based - velocity response.


PRO 440, 450 & 6000 Switch Family

Programmable Electronic Vibration Switch