PRO 440, 450 & 6000 Vibration Switch Family

Model: PRO 440 450 & 6000

The PRO™ vibration switch family consists of the PRO440, the PRO450, and the PRO6000. These switches have nearly identical* functionality and differ only by the enclosure mounting style and rating, allowing placement on or near the machine in the environmental conditions and hazardous area classifications
typical of industrial plants.

Each switch in the PRO family is programmable via a USB port and PRO configuration software, or via the switch’s integral keypad/display. Advanced capabilities allow PRO switches to deliver self-contained, single-channel vibration protection with one or (optional) two fully adjustable alarm levels and corresponding
electro-mechanical relays. Alarm and startup delays are independently programmable, local reset capabilities are provided, and terminals are available for remotely invoking switch bypass and switch reset. Independent 4-20 mA and buffered transducer output wiring terminals are provided for connection to plant control systems and condition monitoring instruments. Status LEDs and a 2-line alphanumeric display are standard, allowing
the user to locally assess vibration levels, alarm conditions, and sensor OK conditions.

* The PRO450 is available with an optional internal BNC connector for the buffered signal output. This option is not available on the PRO440 or PRO6000.

This housing is not available with a viewing window and the cover must be removed to use the display. It is intended primarily for applications where an 450 is being upgraded. Replacement of the housing rather than just the internals ensures that the housing’s nameplate will carry the PRO switch’s serial number, part number, and other details, rather than those of the 450 it is replacing. When both a viewing window and Div 1 or Zone 1 hazardous area approvals are required, the PRO6000 should be used instead. It is smaller than the PRO450 in every dimension and uses a stud mount. An optional adapter is available for flat base mounting (p/n 7084-001); however, it uses a different hole pattern than the 450 and will require new holes to be drilled in the mounting surface.

Product Approx. Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)