MX2031 Probe Extension Cable Series

Metrix* MX2031 cables are available in a variety of lengths, with or without protective cable armor. It is compatible with both Metrix* MX2030 5mm/8mm probes and Bently Nevada** 3300 and 3300XL 5mm/8mm probes.

All proximity probes/transducers have third party approvals, comply with API 670 specifications, and feature ProxMatch™* component coding and are ATEX approved.

Other Metrix proximity probes/transducers are available compatible with installed proximity transducers in the 3300, 7200 and 3300 XL.

Product Aprox. Weight:
  • 5 meters: 113 g (0.25 lb)
  • 9 meters: 454 g (1 lb)

*Registered trademark of Metrix Instrument Co.
**Registered trademark of Bently Nevada®.