5485C High Temperature Velocity Sensor

Model: 5485C

The Metrix 5485C High-Temperature Velocity Sensor is suitable for use in temperatures up to 375°C.  It is designed for gas turbines and other machinery with high surface temperatures where a velocity signal is desired.  The Metrix 5485C is standard equipment on most GE heavy-duty industrial gas turbines including the Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, and Frame 9.

The sensor’s moving-coil design requires no external power as it self-generates a signal proportional to vibration velocity.  It can be ordered with armored cable in lengths up to 100 feet (removable cable p/n 4850) or 60 feet (integral cable). 

The sensor provides a 15 Hz to 2 kHz frequency response, and can be ordered with a variety of industry-standard outputs including 105, 145, 150, and 200 mV/in/sec.  The 4-hole flat base mounting style is compatible with the standard mounting pattern on many industrial gas turbines; an adapter (p/n 8531) is also available for stud-mount rather than flat base mount installations.

 Product Aprox. Weight:

  • Sensor: 0.2 kg (0.5 lb)
  • Armored Cable: 0.2 kg/m (0.13 lb/ft)