These products are no longer in production.

3300 series probe

MX3300 Probes & Cables

Replaced by MX2030 Probes.

Replaced by MX2031 Cables.



MX3309 Probes & Cables

MX3309 Probes and Extension Cables have been discontinued and exact equivalents are no longer available from Metrix.  For drivers and transmitters compatible with these probe systems, see our Drivers and Vibration Transmitters sections.


SH2000 Meter

SH2000 Pocket-Sized Vibration Meter

Replaced by VM2800 & VM3800.

TXR 5521 RPM Transmitter

TXR 5521 RPM Transmitter - Discontinued on December 31, 2017

Combines the proximity probe driver and signal conditioner for RPM or Phase Reference

TXR TXA Transmitter

TXR Transmitter - Discontinued on December 31, 2017

Radial Proximity Probe Transmitter

TXA Transmitter

TXA Transmitter - Discontinued on December 31, 2017

Axial Proximity Probe Transmitter


HI-803 Hardy Shaker- Will be discontinued December 31, 2018

 Deluxe model with built-in printer and storage.


HI-813 Hardy Shaker

Standard model for heavy duty field use.